Certified in Production and Inventory Management [CPIM]

The PHOENIX Fast Track CPIM program develops materials management skills and provides users of integrated ERP systems (i.e., BPCS®) with the knowledge to optimize the company’s manufacturing resources of machines, labor and inventory investment while increasing customer satisfaction through improved on-time delivery and credible order promising. It is designed to test specialized knowledge that immediately helps enhance on-the-job performance.

WHAT Is the PHOENIX Fast Track CPIM Program?
Typical certification takes 2 to 3 years when attending weekly courses. The innovative PHOENIX Fast Track Education Program gives the proven advantage of attaining complete program certification in 6 MONTHS time!

WHAT Is the PHOENIX Fast Track CPIM Program?

  • Unique turnkey program! PHOENIX staff handles all of the course details and exam scheduling so you, the student, can focus on coursework and have minimal job and family disruption.
  • Efficiently designed accelerated course! Students attend four three-day sessions over six month’s time.
  • Curriculum architecture provides immediate business operations return-on-investment for student and employer.
  • All sessions are taught by CPIM certified PHOENIX professionals.
  • Real world experiences by PHOENIX instructors supplement course teaching.
  • Over 80% of the students who have attended the classes and took ALL 5 exams have earned their CPIM certification!

WHO Should Attend?
Material planners, Capacity Planners, Master Planners, Shop Floor Schedulers, Material Buyers, Demand Planners, Production and Inventory Control Personnel, Inventory and Cost Accountants, Information Technology, Expeditors, and anyone involved with integrated ERP systems.

Special characteristics of the PHOENIX CPIM Program:

  • Flexibility – offered as individual courses or as an entire program to benefit your business.
  • Adaptability – can be taught anywhere in North America by our team of experienced instructors.
  • Customization – tell us your needs, and we can design a program to bring value-add to your business organization.