Our Approach

It’s client focused with a demonstrated desire to develop mutually profitable client relationships. Our attention to business requirements and solution delivery improving business function, often enables our client relationships to mature and PHOENIX to become a long term, trusted adviser. Business requirements change – continually influenced by internal and external forces. We recognize that today’s perfect solution very likely will not meet future needs.

Our clients have our attention. So much so that PHOENIX’s principals take active ownership roles in every account. Sometimes that role is subtle, sometimes that is up front managing our activity – always its intent is to ensure our solution delivery is laser focused on our clients’ objectives and success. Our experience allows us to apply a broad and seasoned perspective to quickly understanding your business requirements prior to formulating a solution and a project plan. Here’s our approach:

  • Listen carefully to a client’s issues, challenges, problems and desires
  • Big picture perspective with targeted solutions delivering demonstrable improvement
  • Our teams, steered by our principals, give our clients their full attention
  • Care about the people aspect of change, not just the technical side
  • Through education, communication and training, minimize the organizational trauma of change
  • Provide quality, professional services
  • Minimize business disruption
  • “Match what’s new with what already works!”

We help our clients maximize their return on investment in their BPCS® or ERPLX system by:

  • Providing comprehensive implementation and migration services
  • Delivering successful rapid ERP implementations
  • Leading acquisition systems integrations
  • Providing industry and business process expertise
  • Extending BPCS with integrated, “value add” software solutions
  • Educating and Training clients in BPCS and/or ERPLX