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Lawson Announces U.S. Channel Partnership with PHOENIX Business Consulting. Click here to view release.

PHOENIX Business Consulting Partners with Del Monte Foods In a Successful Product Traceability Upgrade Initiative. Click here to view release.

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CPIM Classes
Earn your CPIM in 6 months time!

Basics Of Supply Chain Management
Master Planning Of Resources
Detailed Scheduling and Planning
Execution and Control Of Operations
Strategic Management Of Resources

Reference Quotes

Read What Students and Managers Are Saying About The PHOENIX CPIM Fast Track Program

"The experience of the CPIM classes and exams for employees at the Wallingford, Conn. C-COR facility has helped promote teaming and cohesion. Personnel are using study groups and participating in numerous discussions relating to content and learning. It is refreshing to hear the new language around me. I will develop a C-COR "dream team" thanks to your training and support and everyone's earnest participation."
- Mark A. Talbot, CPIM, VP, Manufacturing Operations, C-COR, Wallingford, CT

"The PHOENIX full turnkey Fast Track program offers the business professional the opportunity to learn from experts in the field, which will enable them to quickly obtain certification and increase their skill set. This program enables employees and employers to immediately realize a return on their investment."
- Joe Mahon, CPIM, CPM, Gatan, Inc., Warrendale, PA

"I can honestly say, 'I couldn't have done it without you!' The varied experience of the instructors added so much to the class, and I felt that I was well prepared for each exam. Thank you so much for your help and especially for the encouragement."
- Gwendolyn Kemp, CPIM, Del Monte Foods, Pittsburgh, PA

"The PHOENIX Fast Track is the most productive way to become CPIM Certified. You spend 3 solid days not only learning the material, but how to utilize it in your job. PHOENIX has done an outstanding job in providing this necessary resource."
- D. Saroff, Genlyte Thomas Group, Fall River, MA

"My eyes and ears are now open to new solutions that have persisted in the past and my ability to understand how my role affects and interacts with all other business functions is greatly improved!"
- Ray Zimmerman, CPIM, Nulco Lighting, Pawtucket, RI

"I passed the ECO exam! All the credit has to go to the wonderful instructors from PHOENIX!"
- Robby Stewart, CPIM, Genlyte Thomas Group, Plano, Texas

"The greatest benefit of this course was seeing the manufacturing process broken down into its component parts and understanding how those parts contribute to the overall production and distribution of a product. Our experience in the course allowed us to see things from the perspective of a line supervisor, a production planner, a plant controller, a market analyst, etc... Much of what we do in accounting is "after the process" analysis and reporting. After attending these courses and preparing for the exams, you recognize more clearly how reliant we all are on each others' specific functions to make sure forecasts, schedules and requirements are met."
- Jeanine Kaminski, CPIM, Del Monte Foods Co., Pittsburgh, PA