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Lawson Announces U.S. Channel Partnership with PHOENIX Business Consulting. Click here to view release.

PHOENIX Business Consulting Partners with Del Monte Foods In a Successful Product Traceability Upgrade Initiative. Click here to view release.

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CPIM Classes
Earn your CPIM in 6 months time!

Basics Of Supply Chain Management
Master Planning Of Resources
Detailed Scheduling and Planning
Execution and Control Of Operations
Strategic Management Of Resources

PHOENIX Fast Track CPIM Program Instructors

About the Instructors

Mike Laux, CPIM, CIRM, CMA - Mike received his CPIM in 1987, CIRM in 1995, and CMA in 1997. Over the last 20 years Mike has conducted a variety of education and training workshops for clients and professional associations in the use of ERP software. Mike's presentations focus on topics within the areas of Finance and Manufacturing.

Dick Maguire, CPIM - Dick taught the Just-in-Time certification course for two years at the Boston Chapter of APICSŪ. He provided six years of formal instruction at Honeywell Corp.

Harlan "Bud" North, CPIM - Bud instructed APICS® certification courses for 3 years at Middlesex Community College. He was an internal trainer at Marcam Corp. and taught Supply Chain courses for many years while at Xerox Computer Services and System Software Assoc.

Jim Raper, CPIM, CIRM - Jim received his CPIM in 1993 and his CIRM in 1997. He has taught several CPIM review courses at the regional level, and his strength is with manufacturing execution processes. Jim was featured in the syndicated program, Building a Nation, promoting the benefits of the CIRM certification and the convenience of computer-based testing.

Michael Sarro II, CPIM - Mike conducts a variety of education and training workshops for clients and professional associations. Mike's presentations focus on topics within the areas of Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Change Management, Motivation, Leadership and Coaching. He received his CPIM certification in 1984 and brings a wealth of real-world experience to the classroom.

Richard Very, Jr., CPIM - Rich has 20 years experience as a logistician and educator. This experience includes hands-on manufacturing and materials management in several industry verticals.

Michael Yancey, CPIM, CIRM - Mike earned his CPIM in 1987 and CIRM in 1997. He has taught classes, presented at conferences and trained on both technical and applications topics for over 25 years.

Anthony (Tony or Z) Zampello, CPIM, CIRM - Tony has taught CPIM workshops for the past 17 years and CIRM for the past 7 years. He is an adjunct instructor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and has taught in-house courses at Hasbro, Engelhard.